[moved] problem with teac dv-w516g

hi, im new here…first of all just for the record i have no idea what firmware means …i bought recently the teac combo d/l burner (model written above)
at first it burned me both cdr and dvd but after a week , it stopped recording cdr cd’s… but recording dvd’s was fine
only now (a month after the purchase) its not recording either dvd’s or cdr’s
it shows that their’s nothing on the drive that i can write on…

please help me guys…

Hi there,

It sounds like your drive has reached the end of its lifespan. To verify this, you could install the drive in a different computer and see if it will burn then. If it doesn’t, then I’m afraid you’ll need to return it to the store (assuming it has warranty).

Also, you could check for software conflicts by removing all your burning programs and then reinstalling only one of them (preferably Nero).