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I have just installed a brand new Plextor PX-716A DVD burner on my computer. I have troubles with it, it won’t accept Prodye+ 4xspeed or Philips+ 8xspeed medias. Can anyone help out here? Does it has something to do with the firmware?? In the Plextools Proffesional Version 2.20 it says:
Version: 5.1.2600-2180 (xp_sp_sp2_rtm) 040803-2158
Hope for some good advice!!

Mona “The Newbie” :sad:


Maybe a Mod can move this to the Plextor Forum for you, Might help to get some answers. Meanwhile here are the FAQ’s from that forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=49767. Also try the latest FW 1.08 and Plextools versions 2.25.:slight_smile:


Hi Mona, welcome to the forum!

What do you mean by “it won’t accept” your disks?


thank you!! Crossq, as I wrote, I’m a NEWBIE!! Will look into the firmware version you wrote…

Ciao, Mona :clap:


When I want to burn on a + disk in clonedvd2, the program writes to the hd, but wont write on any of my + disks… a friend of mine is coming over with a - disk, will see what happens, the drive is accepting both + and -.



All of the media you listed are cheap (low grade) media. At the very least, step up to verbatim, memorex, fujifilm or ritekg05 media. The best and most recommended media is taiyo yuden and verbatim (mcc03 and mcc04).


Hi :slight_smile:
Whether you’ve upgraded Plextools from 2.20 to 2.25 or not. You can use Plextools to do a ‘Media Quality Check’.
Start Plextools & goto Drive Settings, click Advanced tab, then Media Quality Check button.
This will tell you what the drive thinks of your media & the speed to record at.
Although as harley2ride suggests you could do a lot better, I’d still expect the Plextor to make some kind of effort.


Hi again,

Thank you for teaching me what to do, the media quality check in the plextools says the media is good, (tried the Philips 8xspeed+), I am wondering if it has something to do with this: Under “My computer” win xp, the drive is not called dvdrw, but cdr, just asking… sorry if this is the wrong place to tell about my problems, but I am VERY new using this site and the plextor…

Sincerely, Mona


Hi :slight_smile:
Windows XP has tendency to misreport DVDRW as CDR when disc inserted. But as long as your copy s/w sees drive forwhat it is, no problem.
Just to confirm method used with CloneDVD2.
First click on icon - main screen select copy dvd title/clone dvd.
Second screen - select source eg: drive E: - select DVD5/DVD9 - next.
Third screen - select chapters/subtitles/sound - next.
Fourth screen - select speed - select dvd writer - go.
Final screen - watch process take place - if you select log if problem takes place this should be listed & you can then post this.