[moved] Please help

…hi!I have nec nd-3500ag dvd-rw and i am trying to find a region free firmware but NOTHING!i HAVE TRIED http://forum.rpc1.org/portal.php but seems ti be ‘‘down’’.Does anyine of you have?Can he/she upload it here so i will be able to download it…

Thanks a lot for your time…


Look under “modified firmware”.


I would like to take this chance to recommend that you give the Dee & Liggy 2TF firmware a try, it’s region free, and has all kinds of speedups for media. I think you’ll like it a lot, I’ve been running the Dee & Liggy firmware on my drive for a LONG time, and most of the media I have will burn @ 12 or 16x!!! I like it a LOT!