(moved) PI : 85, PO : 4, Is it good?

[B]Hi all,
I just burn a Ritek R03 @12x, When I scan it with KProbe ( LiteOn DVD-ROM ) it show this:
PI Average : 85
PO Average : 4

Is it good?

Can you tell me when the media Excellant, good, bad!!!

Thank you
Doctor Aziz[/B]

Pretty reasonable for a 12x burn with those discs but you can’t really use a DVD-ROM with Kprobe. It is really only designed to work with LiteOn DVD-RW’s.

Do more tests. Use different firmware and drives since all firmware and drives behave differently. Post the scan results.

RITEKR03 at 12x doesn’t sound good. Use better media anyway for 12x burning such as YUDEN000T02 and MCC003.

Doctor Aziz, can you post the scan? It would be better if we could see it.

Agreed. I’d worry more about specific areas where the PIEs/PIFs are high rather than averages.