[moved] PHILIPS DVD+-RW DVD8631 which firmware revision?

I have the burner : PHILIPS DVD±RW DVD8631 and the firmware revision : CD21.

Do you think there is a new firmware revision? Because I have some problem to burn dvd.

I used dvd that the media code for Maxell DVD-R 8X is RITEKG05. I was able to burn on these medias (I did maybe 27 of them). They all come from Taiwan. But the last one I tried to burn was Three’s Company. It’s episodes. The burning didn’t complete. It was frozen. I had to reboot.

thank you


Philips DVD8631 *oem: BENQ 1620pro , PHILIPS 1640p

:-Fixed issue with DLA support on DVD-R media;
:-Added support for additional DVD+R Double Layer media manufacturers