[moved] OT: Best software to capture Screen PC?



Not sure where to ask, but this is the only forum (lite-on) I ever come to :slight_smile: so I thought I would ask.

I want to capture a recording I’m doing in Nuendo (some audio tracking, so audio is a must) then I want to convert it to Flash (or swf).

Thanks, converting it to flash not top priority as much as capturing in mpeg, or avi…





A good program for what you want is called Camtasia it will record your screen including sound and can also save it as Flash. Here is a Demo of the program, and you can download it from Here :wink:


coathi is correct, Camtasia is an excellent tool. You can capture the entire desktop or just an ROI, add mouse highlights (left and right mouse clicks), add annotations using hotkeys, and add audio during the recording or after in their own Camtasia Studio tool or in Adobe Premiere (my choice). Compression with the Techsmith codec is incredible - I created a 4 minute video, no audio, at 1024 x 768 24-bit converted to SWF for a total of 3MB! If you use the Techsmith codec, the user will need to install it in order to view your videos but you can setup a silent install. Or you can convert your video to another format, for example Macromedia SWF for the web…


Why not use what is built into windows? ctrl - prt sc or shift - prt sc or alt - prt sc
Then open a graphics app and paste the data.


ccbadd you read retroz post carefully ???

ccbadd can you explain in more detail how you do it ! Capturing a recording with audio in mpeg or avi format by using ctrl - prt sc or shift - prt sc or alt - prt sc and pasting the data it into a graphics app ? what version of windows can it be done in ?


Camtasia Studio is very good. I’ve been using it for a while now. You can also try Macromedia Captivate. It has some extra nice features. :iagree:


Camstudio 2.0 - the free alternative … do not confuse with the mangled bannerware/registerware version 2.1 from EHELP, this is Camstudio as it was meant to be, and as it was until they got involved.


Sorry, I did not pay close enough attention to the original post. What I was refering to is screen captures.


That’s OK ccbadd it happens to every one sometimes :slight_smile:


I prefer to use Video to flash Converter becouse it’ s quality.


Screen VidShot 2.1

Screen VidShot is an easy and fastest way to take video screen captures from Windows screen. Screen VidShot allows you to record screen to video AVI, ASF, WMV. Using our video capturing technology you can record mouse movement and any changes to any application on your desktop! You can create demos for your customers and multimedia presentations, manuals and web pages video.

i found it here