[moved] Nero burning rom? Where is it?

Im trying to open spefically “nero burning rom” for a test and I have nero OEM that came with my burner, but I cant find this, only nero express or startsmart opens.
Can someone help me open the burning rom?!!

I think you need the retail version of nero!
I 've the OEM and Retail version, but in OEM version especially
Nero Burning Rom is closed, so it’s not the full version.
But you could download a demo version for your tests athttp://www.nero.com

you can download 3 packages, but the most important is No1.
get No2 also if you want to make movies etc.

Well I downloaded from that link I was given and it “updated” what I had already, but I do not see where to load the Burning rom. It just starts “express” when I launch the short cut.

It shows you the update assistant?
Well, in this case you’ve only updated your oem version from nero express
you know what I mean, it’s the same like before. Nero burning rom is still closed.
I would uninstall all the nero stuff and then install only the demo version you’ve
downloaded, then should it works!

have you tried the configure button in nero smartstart window?
bottom right - middle button


The licence for Nero that comes with virtually all DVD drive is for the Express version only. Look at the CD that came with the drive it almost certainly will say “Nero Express”.

You’ve got to pay for a new license to unlock the full program (it physically is the same program, just “Express” is the dumbed down feature stripped interface of Nero).

Prototype is right with this version you have (came with your drive) you can only activate the Nero Express for other modules you have to buy the “Serial Number” from Nero.com. You can also as suggested before uninstall your OEM version and install the complete Nero as Demo vision and you have 30 days to play with it.

They’re right. You have to buy or demo to get the full version. I gave my last full version (5.x) to my son and sent out and bought the 6x version at CompUSA for 49.95 with an instant rebate of $50, and a mail-in rebate of another $20. Good buy this week. :slight_smile:

There is a catch to that $20 MIR, you have to have legitimate copy of previous version of Nero to be eligible for that rebate, plus the version of Nero on sale at Compusa is 6.3 versions and the serial number of that is not valid for upgrading to current version of Nero 6.6. .

TCAS, 6.6 was a free upgrade from 6.3. The serial should work. It worked on mine.