[moved] NEC ND2500A Apperently dead

I’ve had this problem for awhile. In fact I have a post here from a year and a half ago when I first bought the burner where I mentioned the same problem. When I first bought my NEC ND2500A(when it was just released really), I burned an iso disc of avi files. The very last file on the disc doesnt work. It’s the only one who’s thumbnail won’t display, and freezes up the pc when trying to do anything with it.
I’ve suffered this same problem quite a few more times over the past year and a half, and after finally buying some dvds after months today, I try again, and have the same problem. Up to now I was safe with fujifilm on this burner it seemed, but not today. :sad:
I thought maybe a firmware change would help, so I tried that. But now the drive isn’t recognized at all. Not even a thing displays in my Device Manager window anymore. I guess it’s safe to assume it’s dead now?
Suffering like this from the very beginning, I’m hesitant to try anything new NEC has, so no clue what I’ll buy from here.
Thanks for hearing my story(or rant) :a

I hate to say it, but why didn’t you just return the thing in the first place? My 2510A works fine for me.

op, or sasukuteka… you have only 1 dvd burner??? get a liteon dvd burner any model, they suck at burning but they’re good at reading poorly burnt media. you’ll be amazed that disc you thought is completely useless are actually can be rescued… it is good to have a mix of burners at least 2 and 3 even better. say pioneer, nec, liteon or nutech, nec, liteon etc… no one brand is all around good for everything know what I mean? don’t be cheap, time for a new burner? i’m glad I bought 3 different brands they are optorite dd401, liteon 812s and nec 2100ad but i just bought a new nec 3520a and its coming this week… the nec can’t even read some the dvd-r it burned itself but the liteon can showing errornous at near end of track. the optorite is good at burning defective media :D:D:D such as UL crap brand media. you’ll be amazed at different brand name can do…


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your drive. You may have messed up flashing it, but it may simply need to be flashed again, but in DOS (try one of herries firmware versions at www.herrie.org . before doing that you could try and uninstall your secondary ide controller in the device manager, then reboot.

Also your bad disc is probably due to cheap/poor quality/bad batch media. Try some fuji or TY media.