[moved] NEC ND-3500AG used to burn TDK +R disc at 12x now only at 4X

HI all. I’ve got a problem that’s driviving me crazy and couldn’t seem to find a previous answer for in your forums. I built a new system a few months ago with with a NEC 3500AG Drive as my main DVD Burner.

My system consist of: Soyo Dragon 2 main board (i865PE Chipset), P4 3.2 Prescott CPU, 1 Gig PC3200 Dual Channel DDR memory, Nvidia FX 5200 Video card, Maxtor 250 GB SATA Hard Drive (plugged into 1st SATA connector), Hauppauge WinTV250 TV Caputure Card, NEC 3500AG DVD_RW drive (master and only drive in Primary IDE channel), Maddog 8X DVD_RW (rebranded NEC 2500A? master and only drive in Secondary IDE Channel), Windows XP pro w/SP2, Nero Ultra 6.3

When I first started burning DVDs, 3500AG drive would burn TDK DVD+R 4X disk at 12X :). Unfortunatly I blew out my motherboard trying to get my firewire card to work :sad: I rebuilt the system using an Intel i865PERLL Mainboard and now the 3500AG only burns the same blanks at 4X speed :frowning:

The Maddog drive was burning the 4X disk at 6x now only burns at 2.5x.

Is there something I missed doing in setting up my new board, or was I just lucky the first time around. Any help would be greatly appreciated :bow:

Get a program called DVDInfo and see what the supported write speeds are for those media.

What about DMA after installing new motherboard.

Check that all drives have DMA enabled.

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I will try DVDinfo to check the media, however the media from same spindle was burning at 12X. Could DVD Shrink and/or Nero report an inaccurate burn rate.

All drives are DMA enabled.

Make sure DMA is also enabled in your m/board BIOS, even if they are reported as DMA mode 2 in Windows.

I Checked the DMA on the m/board, and it is set to DMA mode 2.

I’ve got a 12X Artec dirve in another machine that burns the 4X TDK blanks at 8X. I think I will try swapping out the drives to see how they perform in the other machines.