[moved] NEC 3540A - Circles on media surface after burning?


I recently bought NEC 3540A (with orig. firmware) and I have noticed something that I did not noticed before. Naimley, on all burned DVDs I can see concentric circles (5-8). It’s like when you burn media for e.g. 50 % of it’s capacity and you can see on surface which part is burned (it’s less reflective).

With this new burner now I can see several alternating circles (darker-lighter-darker-lighter and then unburned area).

This my first time to see something like this, so I’m little bit confused. I’m using Traxdata DVD-R 8x, and I can read them but not on all drives. Also PI-errors are quite high on some media, 800-900. I’m using Nero 6.6.0.? Didn’t noticed it on CDs.

Any help is welcomed


Traxdata DVD -R are ritek G05, which is not the best -R media out there!!!
Try burning them bellow the advertised speed.

Are TDK DVD-R 8x and Verbatim DVD-R 16x OK with NEC? I’m burning some movies and series that I would like to preserve for longer time, so quality of media is very important for me.

It’s kind of normal and depends on the speed shifting during the burn.
Lower grade media can give you problems afterwards.

Just check the data integrity.