[moved] NEC 3530 or HD or Blu Ray?

How many of you guys who either have NEC 3500A or 3520 will invest in 3530. I actually wanted to make this as a poll but I have no idea how :confused: . Will you guys actually invest in this drive or some other DVD writer maybe A09 or better forget em DVD Writers and move on to the next level of EVD, FVD, HDDVD, Blu Ray etc? Thanks

I added the poll for you :wink:
I choose the Pioneer DVR-A09XL simply because it will be out the soonest (within the next 2 weeks according to Pioneer USA).

Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/insert-favorite-next-gen-media-here, most likely - unless DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL (when it’s out) drop to like $1 per disc within the next year or so, I’ll be fine with my 3500 (and even at that, I’d get DVD+R DL anyway, since I can burn those already). I think this will be my last DVD burner until a new major format comes out, as I think we’ve reached the limits, plus I have 600 or so DVD blanks to last me for a bit :slight_smile:

I go for anything that also writes DVD-RAM. :iagree:

i choose hd-dvd drive because it is compatible with normal dvd´s… on the other side i would like the blue ray format as a new standard because it you can store more data on it :wink:

Thanks Wesociety for making it as a poll, so from this appears that in the near future( not so far though) DVD writers will be a thing of the past. I guess from the poll so far it appears Blu ray will be the next gen though HD is still an option considered by many. So in short in concludes that unless you have not bought a DVD writer yet!! only then would you be investing in newer drives like 3530 or A09. So others are pretty happy with their writers and dont care much about -R DL and only better firmwares though

:iagree: :iagree: When you have the best DVD buner :rolleyes: ( :bow: 3500) made there just isn’t any need like CanuckGod said till they come out with a new format. :bigsmile:

I voted “None” (until prices are $60 or less). :slight_smile: :smiley:

Good DVD writers are already under $30. Got my NEC 3500A/Kanguru drive and a 50-pack Fuji (MIJ Yuden DVD-R) from PC Connection last month for $30 after rebate. Customer service gave me free overnight shipping after a minor shipping error.

It will take at least several years for a HD DVD standard to emerge. Blue ray has a larger storage capacity but that’s not going to help improve the resolution of today’s DVD movies. I just don’t see a killer application for blue ray right now.

As is, the maximum theoretical write speed from the hard drive is about 32X for DVDs. Real-world performance is closer to 24X (33MB/sec). I suspect we will top-out between 16X and 24X. DVD writers will continue to drop in price, with minor increase in performance. Perhaps we will see the average selling price drop below $30 next year, with the emergence of HD DVD standard in late 2006/early 2007.

That’s no reason to choose HD DVD over Blu-Ray.
There were HD DVD/ DVD / CD and Blu-Ray / DVD / CD hybrid drives both on display at CES.
So both of the drive types can use a Tri-laser to support most formats.

Hehe… I think I’ll rather wait for HD DVD/Blu-Ray/DVD/CD hybrid drives =) Damn I hate 2 “standards”.

Just curious, are 16X DL drives also going to be available sometime soon? Is 16x the maximum speed that you’d be able to burn DL discs?

Same here. If not, Blu-Ray is fine with me.

So far only 8X maximum has been discussed (and demonstrated) for DVD+R Double Layer discs…

Ah, alright. So the 3530A’s DVD+DL speed might be as good as it gets? I guess I’ll keep an eye out for that drive when it comes out.

I didn’t vote because I am hoping that my next upgrade will be to a hd-dvd/blue ray multi drive…one can dream

What’s the obsession with DVD-RAM? AFAIK only those set-top DVD Recorders use them, most DVD-ROMs can’t even read them, and they’re about half the speed of DVD-R. Does it actually have any good points?

Anyway, I think after my 3500, I’ll go with HD-DVD, I don’t like Blu-Ray as it’s Sony and apparently won’t play in any current DVD drives.

Personally I’m about ready to give up on DL, it’s way too expensive and prices aren’t coming down quickly enough, plus the media is still at 2.4x whilst the burners are up to 6-8x and -DL hasn’t even appeared yet.

DVD-RAM is a very stable, very rewriteable format. It is used by many businesses for reliable data backup. Much better than DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) as far as reliability and rewriteability goes…

HD DVD won’t play in current DVD drives either. You’ll need a new drive with a blue laser.

The media is at 2.4x, but drives such as the Toshiba SD-R5372 can burn it at 5x already. I also hope that prices will come down to at least $1 per disc for DL media. :slight_smile: There are a few new DL manufacturing processes being developed and tested. Hopefully one of these will be able to produce a larger amount of useable DL discs and help drop costs.

HD DVD for me also although if it takes long to come into mainstream i might go for another dvd writer first…


HD DVD won’t play in current DVD drives either. You’ll need a new drive with a blue laser.[/QUOTE]
:confused: :confused: :confused: He never said that will use HD DVD disc in a DVD drive.