[moved] my nec 3540?!

hey i recently bought a nec 3540a. i dont know much about cd drives but i have a few question. isnt the nec 3540 suppose to write at 48X? when i try to burn an mp3 disc the highest option was 32X in nero 6 Ultra edition. i also am using 52X cd-rom by GQ.i also use liggy and dee hack firmwire W4. i did some testes on nero. the quality test died at 95%! is it my disc or my drive? and i wanted to backup some of my dvds. is there any good quality/cheap $$ disc?

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1/ Just a reminder for a future, did you notice the announcement at the top of this forum about where CD/DVD burner questions should be posted?

2/ In any case, each disc has an identifier that tells the drive information about the disc, like what kind of dye is used and who manufactured the disc. If, based on this information, the drive thinks that the disc is low quality, it will restrict the burn speed. Use better quality media… most name brand media should work just fine, and if you’re in the USA, then the various weekly special sales at Best Buy et al. will usually bring some of these name brand discs down to a reasonable price.

im sorry i forgot to read them