[moved] Moved to A64 platform..what version of Nero do you prefer?

I had alot problems with my Intel setup when I moved from 63125 to 6601

Now I built a new rig and want to start fresh what do you think…63125 or 6603(latest)

I am asking here because after going from 63125 to 6601 and up I had big buffer issues with my BenQ1620


My new setup:
A64 3200
MSI Neo 2 Palt NForce 3
1gb of ram
I installed the NF3 drivers that came with the mobo

I am running 6603 without problems, A64 3000 on DFI Lanparty, however I did not install the nvidia ide sw drivers

Hi - 6603 will work OK in 32-bit & 64-bit Windows in an AMD64 platform. The big hassle (for me) is with Recode & DVDShrink - they use the same engine & neather are stable on this platform.

I am running the last version of 6.3.x.x as I have DVD recording problems with and does not allow overburning (even when selected).

The DVD problem consists of the time counter on my DVD player just stopping at 7 seconds and then I am unable to do anything but watch the movie (all buttons except power fail to do anything)

I burnt the same DVD files in 6.3.x.x and it works fine.

However that is just me & my setup. If works for you then use it.

Just remeber that an A64 running XP Home or Pro is still only 32bit & XP64 is still only a BETA product.

I understand that WinXP Pro is 32 bit…I would love to try 64bit OS but is Beta…no thanks

I did install the nvidia drivers…I know this can be ??..but I heard plus/minus

I just had huge issue after upgrading from 63125 t o6603 on my Intel setup…I know to point this was software and I was running MS ide drivers not Intel drivers

I had a big problem with the BenQ and its buffer during burns with 66xx and not with 63125 and I used Nero driver cleaner as well…

Thanks for the input

Hmmm…I think I may just go and use 63125…not sure what new functionality 6603 has over 63125

The only reason I didnt install them is cause no hard drives are on the IDE channels, just my dvdrom on master primary and the burner on slave primary…I kept my hard drives on the serial ata connectors

Interesting point…I also use SATA for HDD but maybe stupidly installed the Nforce3 drivers…hmm maybe I will uninstall them

What about using the SATA adapter block to run the BenQ 1620 from the SATA connection. This would make for a much faster computer because you could shut off IDE entirely (no more IDE drivers, irq’s 14 and 15 free, lots of free system resources. . .). I wonder how Nero would react to the SATA drivers?

Not all SATA adaptors are compatible with the various SATA controllers though from memory two that stand out at having a better chance of working are Intel or Silicon Image controllers, also adaptors based on a Silicon Image chip I recall.

Removing the IDE drivers wouldn’t make the computer any more inherently “faster” its just one less thing to load for windows at start-up so you might shave off a few seconds at boot time. Also IRQ’s & resource sharing are not a problem for modern ACPI compliant computers (and compatible operating systems) it will not make any difference to the computer or its operation either way if the IRQ’s were freed.

I currently use a Highpoint SATA adapter on my maxtor 160gb hdd…not al these adpaters will work on oprical drives but that is an interesting though to look into

Sorry I forgot to say I was referring to optical drives & SATA adaptors just in case anyone misunderstands.

Platorms have nothing to do with general software versions, operating systems have.
So if the OS is the same, use the same sw version as you did with the other platform.

not always the case…sometimes the ide drivers can be ain issue…in my case the NFroce 3 ide drivers seem to be ok…intel accel app…I got rid…

there can be software issues…

I was very unhappy with Nero 6.6.x.x on my intel setup…so I am using again Nero 63125