[moved] Media Codes / Brands



Hi Guys,

I’m (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of my drive from NewEgg!

In the past I’ve stuck with Ritek G04 -Rs and Taeo Yuden TYG01 and 02 -Rs as they’ve just worked the best with my LiteOn drive.

I’d like to try some +R media again and I need to order some media anyway (I live in a small town and Wally World is the only other easy source for me and all they have reasonably priced right now is Memorex 8x +R made in Taiwan - $17.88 for 30).

I’ve ordered from Rima and Meritline in the past. I see both carry Taeo Yuden 8x +Rs, but I’d also like to try some Ricoh +Rs as they seem to work well in the media thread. I don’t see Ricoh as a listed brand on either site though. There are several brands listed on both sites, is there a good list as to what brand is usually what actual media? (doing a net search I saw a report where Hyundai media was listed as YudenT02s - Meritline has Hyundai cheaper than TY branded . . . are their Hyundais Yudens?)

I’m looking at trying some TY -Rs, Ritek -Rs, TY +Rs, and Ricoh +Rs . . . am I missing any I should be trying? If so please gave a name/part number/source!




Questions about media would better be raised in Media Forum. :wink:

I´m rather new on this drive, but from what I have seen you will be able to burn all types of media with good results, me thinks.

Hyundai as Taiyo Yuden´s…? Never heard about it but they are some posts over at DVD Videohelp. :slight_smile:
I think you better go with more known brands like; Verbatim, TDK, Taiyo Yuden, Ritek… :cool:


You’re right! I need to remember there are other forums! I tend to get in one and then post all my questions there! Hopefully a Moderator will move it (and accept my apologies Moderator!)

Hyundai being TYs . . . check this link from vcdhelp.com:

However it seems the -R media isn’t working well in spite of being identified as TYG02 - one reviewer claims it’s fake TY . . . could be as all my TYH02 burns have worked a charm!




Our Wally-World recently reduced thier price for the Maxell 15 pac to $9.97.
The pac of made in taiwan 4x I bought was RICOHJPNR01 and the Made in Japan 8x were MXL 002 which is supposed to be as good or better than TY.

If you have the coupon from Staple’s from the Sunday paper you can probably get them for $5.94 a pac.

The Fujifilm +r and -r I bought at Best Buy that said made in Japan were Taiyo Yuden.
When ordered from thier web site I recieved Prodisc F01 made in Taiwan which my burner doesn’t like and the Made in Taiwan +r were RICOHJPNR01.

The Ridata DVD +rw I ordered from Amazon.com were RICOHJPN W11 and they have then for about $32 a 50 pc w/ free shipping.


The 1st 50 pc of TDK +r 8x I bought was RICOHJPNR02. These came a container that had a cream colored base.
The next TDK +r 8x I bought were CMC MAG E01 and these came in the standard cake box so If I don’t get to see the packaging before I buy I’ll not take a chance on getting any more CMC from TDK.
The TDK -r 8x and Verbatim -r 8x and 4x have been really good also.

I really like the RICOHJPN media but if I can get TY for the same price I’ll probably be getting TY from now on.