[moved] LITEON SOHR-5238S vs LTR-52327S

i need a new burner decided to go liteon but cant seem to make up my mind please help me to pick the better one :doh:

The LiteOn LTR-52327S, SOHR-5238S, SOHR-5239S, and SOHR-5239V all share the same specs. They have slightly different chipsets and slightly different lasers. Because people don’t really care about CD-burners any more, there haven’t been any careful tests of CD burners since the 52246S, and everything that we know is just based on ancedotal evidence. In any case, to the best of our knowledge, the four drives listed at the beginning of this post have similar performance, and it doesn’t really matter which of those you get.

I have a 52327S myself and the drive is great ,although a bit noisy but that isn’t really an issue.
But I’m curious ,is there a way to crossflash it to any of the drives listed in the first post? I don’t think that is possible because these aren’t the same generation drives (7,8,9) ,but I remember seeing something about it a while back. Am I wrong?

it’s not possible to craossflash. an d there’s no need to as they are all the same specs. my 52246s has done a great job, burnt over 500cds. just stay with your 52327s, it’s a great drive.