[moved] Liteon 1693S Best For TY+R Media?



Hi there

I am just in the process of ordering a new DVD-burner for my main PC. I am looking for the best burner which will burn TY+R/-R media as i still have 100 of these disks to use!

Any thoughts on Liteon’s latest offering the 1693S-05C ? Whats important to me is that DVD’s which are burned with this burner are compatabible with most standalone-dvd players (ie. Denon 2800Mk2).

Thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I’ve read a zillion reviews on here and other forums, but value opinions of communities better.

Cheers, FoX.


You should post your question in Lite-ON DVD Forum not here if you want the intelegent answer.


get a 1693s. it’s a cheap drive and perfect for burning TY+ media. it also supports bitsetting to increase compatibility with standalones and the community, especially the codeguys, do great work for improving liteon drives.