[moved] Is This Decent Media?



Is this media any good?

Also if I got this what is the best firmware to run on my NEC 3500A with the ability to have bit setting? Also is there any modded 2.18 firmware out yet?



It looks like this stuff. http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?selectmedia=2487#comments

At almost twice the cost of very good 8X( some of which will burn at 12X in your 3500 (TY)), you might want to reconsider. If you read a little in the NEC forum you will find a ton on 3500 firmware.


Yep… Good Stuff. If you can afford the price and just looking for great media, there is none better today! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You can pick up a 50 pack spindle of Sony DVD-R and DVD+R for $19.99 at Best Buy this week that burns fine at 16x in the Pioneers with stock firmware. I expect NEC will have similar results. Make sure the spindles say Made In Japan on the label if you go this route.


best buy had it for $13 a few weeks ago for that same 25 pack and yes it burns good


Yes. Good media and burns at 16x with stock FW, but not worth the price.

If you need to buy some media asap, I would suggest TDK branded 8x DVD+R on sale at Best Buy for $9.99 for 25 pk, these can be 1 of 4 different MID’s which are all good and capable of burning at 12x-16x (depend’s on MID u get) with either Liggy/Dee-27 or Quickee2’s newest FW’s.

or u can go to Circuit City and have them price match plus 10% discount and get them even cheaper. $9 each 25 pk :iagree: :bigsmile:


Don’t go for the TDK at Best Buy…it is CMC MAG E01. I tried to burn at 12X using LDV2beta2…it couldn’t keep the 12X speed towards the end. I would recommend Fuji 8X DVD-R, which are PRODISCF01. I was able to get good 12X burns with those. You can take a look at posts #267 and #268 here:



Well kool… We’re off to “Budget Shopping” again to save a few pennies instead of just buying what works! You walk into these places and follow all the little tidbits you pick up on a forum, only to go home and find out you bought some “yamaguchee” media that doesn’t burn worth a snot! By the time you fight with the retailer, or argue with an online reseller who doesn’t want to issue an RMA (oh, you also need to pack it up and pay return shipping), or just say “screw it” and put the crap in the trash where it belongs, what have you saved? Absolutely nothing…

The only thing you’ve accomplish is the opportunity to come back here six months from now and complain that your wonderful burn on CMC.AEI media isn’t accessable anymore…

Screw it, I’d rather just watch the movie… Go for the MCC004’s or TY02’s and sleep well…



BTW, the Fuji discs I mentioned aren’t budget…they’re $20 at pack at Best Buy. That’s pretty close to the same price as the Verbatim 16X discs. They both work very well.



pcdocs point is well taken-

If you get good media - the outcome of your burns is bound to be superior to ANY crap medias out there - and with the sales of medias in the last two months - you can buy a lot of really good stuff for around $.40 per disc-



Just because they are priced at $20 doesn’t mean they aren’t budget…they are. These are readily available without the Fuji markup at many places for $35 per 100. These are Prodisc; many many problems reported over at DVDhelp over the last few months. These are not TY quality; they are middle price and quality. Some people get OK burns and some get stuck. I burned some as a test for another user and got very mediocre results. They were way below Ritek G05s on my NEC 3500.