[moved] Interpreting this K-Probe CD-R scan

I burned a CD tonight and scanned it with K-Probe and got the following result:

There are a couple of things about it I don’t understand.

  1. The C2 Total = -1 . . . what does a negative value mean in this context? And if the C2 Max = 0 and the C2 Average = 0, shouldn’t the C2 Total = 0?

  2. Note the green lines on the C2 graph . . . the Line Color for the C2 graph is set to Red. So if there were C2 errors, they should show up as red lines, not green lines. What are the green lines?

  1. Scan CDR at max speed, or maybe 40x, not at 4x.
  2. the green is scanning errors, you set the color and value in the options menu. These are scanning errors, and not related to disc quality. The 7S drive will usually show a few of them.