[moved] I need some help with getting sound from my drive

I was just wondering if someone could help me out here… I installed a DW 1620 pro benq dvd burner and Im getting no sound out of it what so ever… I have an inboard sound card and I hooked it up already… maybe I hooked it up wrong or something, But it would be most helpful if someone could help me out with this… by the way, the drive works and I can even see the video out of it, but no sound…


if you are trying to play an audio cd:
maybe you hooked it up ok but the input is muted
goto start>>run type sndvol32 and press enter and see if cd player/aux are muted if they are then uncheck the mute box also make sure the volume is all the way

if video : make the volume in the playback software is all the way and that it isnt muted

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The sound of your DVD playback is not going through the audio cable between drive and soundcard. This is a pure software/ac3 codec config problem.

Did you install Qsuite?

I did when I installed my Benq 1620 and got no sound. Uninstalled it and everything o.k.