[moved] How important is Winaspi?

I have reinstalled WinXP Pro this time with SP2. All seems to work normally and I then realized that I didn’t install WinAspi. I use Nero and Sonic MyDVD 6 Suite I am able to burn with no problems. Autorun works fine with DVD’s and CD’s that already have data, etc. on them…the only issue is that when I insert blank DVD’s or CD’s…the popup window asking me what to do no longer works. Seems more a Service Pak 2 issue to me.

NEC ND-3500A on IDE 1 as Master
Plextor PX-708A on IDE 2 as Master
Western Digital 74GB Raptor on SATA 1

Windows XP Professional SP2



ASPI is generally not necessary. Nero, for example, uses its very own ASPI (separate from the system ASPI). A number of modern programs are also designed to use SPTI (only available on Win2K/XP) if ASPI is not present.

The issue with the popup not working is an issue with Windows autorun and auto-insert notification and is unrelated to ASPI (Windows does not use ASPI in any way). It’s very quirky. They supposedly fixed the bug of it not working when they released SP2, but it’s still quirky. :stuck_out_tongue: A search of the Microsoft Knowledge Base may be helpful… http://support.microsoft.com/