[moved] How do you label your DVD+R/DVD-R?


I’m not sure if it will affect anything but I normally label it by writing on top of the disc with a permanent marker. The pen is specifically for OHP/CD/Glass/Plastic/Metal etc etc.

Black marker !dot!

That’s good enough. :slight_smile:

I use Staedtler Lumocolor permanant


But I don’t think it matters too much. Unless you have, you know, an pen made of some kind of horrible acid that eats through CDs. That might not be the best choice.

Hi to all. Im’ new on the forum. Sorry for my errors (english it’s not my primary language) :slight_smile:

I also prefer markers.

Someone use printable media, but I have some concern about this media.

A couple of days ago I received a box of 25 Verbatim +R 16x (MCC 004)
in substitution for a non printable media (same disc verbatim +R 16x MCC 004).

When I opened the box to read disc code, it was somewhat difficult
estract a disc because it seems that printable surface cause adhesion
between discs :eek:

I hope that this have not leave residuals of printable surface on
mastering surface.

When have time I’ll burn some of these discs and post scan results



I also recommend Staedtler Lumocolor permanant, it’s very good.