[moved]Good scan or not?

I am new to this whole scanning thing. Are these good scans or not?

Plextor 740A crossflashed to a Benq 1640 BSMB firmware



The images you posted are unreadable.

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I put it in the wrong darn forum too…ops, please correct my stupidity. Thanks in advance.

No problem at all.

But I’m curious to see these scans :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here it is…MCC 004 media

This scan is a typical 16x burn: these spikes around 3,5 GB are typical of 1640 @16x. Burning @12x will eliminate these spikes.

I suggest you to burn these discs @12x. Initial part of the disc is almost PIF-free, so @12x you should obtain the best results :slight_smile:

So what exactly am I looking for out of these scans?

In a few words, the lesser errors there are, the best is the butning.

I suggest you to do also a transfer rate test to complete disc testing. Only the scan is an incomplete evaluation of a burning.

Take also a look at this thread: it’s very explaining

you posted transfer rate test while I was typing :doh:

Done and added to pictures post.

Transfer rate test good, bad, mediocre?

Transfer rate is very good, and also scan is not so bad (except for that PIF max of 12: it’s better under 10).

Anyway I suggest you to burn max @12x these discs (I and many other here on the forum obtain the best results @12x with this media)

Can I burn a test disc at 12x and then rerun the quality test to see what it scores?

If you don’t want to waste discs can burn an ISO image, so after burning you can keep the disc :slight_smile:

Remember to scan again @8x (it’s the forum standard to do comparisons)

cool, thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Use nero?

Do you mean if I use nero to do my burnings?

For the most I use CD-DVD speed and ImgBurn.

New 12x scans on MCC 004 with a crossflashed Plextor 740A to a Benq 1640

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These are good I assume?

Is there any way I can get the quality level higher with some tweaking?