[moved] Fuji TY02

It seems that most people are getting good results from this media. Is it the same media for all of the Fuji products?

I might pick up some at best buy. But can I pick up any Fuji product. Or is this for a particular cakebox or speed?

They are not all the same.

The Best buy I went to had both made in Japan (grey base) and Made in Tiawan (black base)

Not sure what the Black base ones were but the Grey base made in Japan were TY02’s and burn very well for me.

These were Fuji 8x 25 cake pack’s

Check out the media forum or bargain basement and search for Fuji etc.
Basically you need to find Fuji that is Made in Japan.

I do not think the grey base/black base applies to all packaging - I have “made in japan” 100 pack’s with black bases.

for the 25packs they should be grey. 50 & 100 packs are non-lipped black bases.

I don’t think I want to waste my money on a 25 or 50 pack until I know that the media has good compatilbility with my burner. Are there any 3, 5, or 10 packs out there which use the TY02 media?

I have used Fuji TY02 media with my benq 1620 without a single problem. I get quality scores from 95 -97% with cd/dvd speed.

But then you might find that your 2 or 5 pack works great, order a 100 pack and find out that they are different (Taiwanese in stead of Japanese, or even a different mediacode).

Hence the reason why I am irked by the way this industry works. There’s no standard for media. So you have to hunt around for media that will actually work well with your dvd burner and buy 50 packs of discs that may not even work well. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to “hunt” for media that works well with your burner. There should be no “testing” of media on the part of the consumer. That should have already been done by the manufacturer of the drive.

it’s all part of the “fun” …especially when you find good media for cheap.

hey blackrain:
i buy all my media and burners now at b/m stores. if you have any problems just return. i returned 2 open cake boxes of ty02’s (fuji) to best buy (had even burned 10 discs out of the first cake box). they took it back no questions asked. i have returned dvd burners also, no worries there either. only issue is to get the right media code from the cake boxes you buy. a little leg work here, plus people posting good info at bargain forum, and its simple.

Went to Best Buy and got a 10 pack of Made IN Japan Fuji’s. They are Taiyo Yuden (TY02)

Here’s a scan…although it looks a lot nicer than my scans of the Maxell02 burns, it still has quite a lot of errors…just less failures.

TY02 at 8x


My Maxell burns:

8x - Maxell02 - using the create a disc option in cd/dvd speed

If these TY02’s are the best i can hope for, then I might as well return this drive. The overall quality is almost as bad as the Maxell02’s and I don’t understand how people are burning with an overall quality of 98 to 99???

I think that is a very smart way to go - and they way I will go in the future. I just got burnt on a bad batch of media from NE. It’s very difficult if not impossible to get an online retailer to take bad media back - even from a reputable online retailer.

You got a 96% with your ty02 and you wanna return your drive??? 96% is a very good score.

So it is normal to have so many errors? How are some of these people getting scores of 98 and 99?

By the way, I just downgraded my firmware from B7T9 to B7P9 (hope this is okay to do), because I saw someone had really good results with the B7P9. Anyway, I am still getting 96 quality but the errors decreased even more for TY02. I am just a little bit concerned about the errors toward the end.

8X Fuji TY02 Firmware B7P9

So where do I go from here? Is there media that is better than these Fuji’s?

how fast u burnin the tys ???

With the way people talk about TY, I expect nothing less than 100%. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Hey guys read the media forum and you’ll see that the YUDEN000T02 are some of the best disks you can get. I bought Fujifilm DVD+R 8X made in Japan. These were Yuden000T02 disks and show up on a ND-3500a as 16X and they write very well. Don’t buy the Fuji DVD’s made in Taiwan there cr*p.

Fuji 4x DVD+R made in Taiwan (RICOHJPNR01) are far from being crap. Fuji 8x DVD+R made in Taiwan (RICOHJPNR02) aren’t exactly crap either…

That’s exactly why I am wondering whether there is something wrong with my drive?