[moved] Extracting AOpen 1648/AAP firmware (was: Not Strictly an NEC question but...)

Okay, I recently bought 2 Aopen dvd rom drives (1648 AAP Pro’s) to replace 2 NEC 3500’s which I had been using solely for ripping. As everyone knows the NEC is okay for ripping but a bit on the slow side. So I got the Aopens because I had read how fast they were.

I upgraded the firmware on one of the aopens from 1.00 to 1.01 but it seems to have gotten slower since I upgraded it. In fact, it’s rubbish, I’ve been playing with it all day and now I wish I’d never flashed the d*mn thing. Apparently, there is no version of 1.00 on the internet so I cannot flash back.

Does anyone know how I could extract the 1.00 fw from my other drive and apply it to the 1.01 one ??

Many thanks and apologies if this is in the wrong forum but Aopen REALLY needs a forum of it’s own…

Hellbitch, my love. :wink:

I am also thinking of getting one or two of these AOpen 1648/AAP drives for ripping. Sorry to hear of your misfortune.

This 12 page! thread at Aopen 1648/AAP discussion is what passes for an AOpen forum. If you have a couple of hours, you may find some useful information in it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know the answer to your specific request for the original firmware, but the issue of greater concern to me is that the 1648/AAP and 1648/AAP Pro firmwares are not the same. See Do not use the AAP Pro firmware on this drive!!!. This might account for the performance degradation you have experienced. Users with the standard 1648/AAP are using firmware 1.07.

It appears that contrary to some reports, the 1648/AAP and the Pro version are not the same. See AOpen 1648/AAP vs PRO models + where to buy. If it were possible, I would try to return these drives and get the 1648/AAP model without the Pro designation.

Thanks, honeybun. :wink:

No, as daft as I am, I did not fall into the “AAP fw flashing on to pro” trap.
I read that thread before buying and so double checked which drive version I got when they arrived. Then double checked the fw before flashing and everything matched up okay. The drive is by no means awful now, it’s just not as good as it was prior to flashing.

I had heard so much hype about this drive, I just expected it to better than it was. I think it has a few kinks that need ironed out.

It rips fast but you need to check everything afterwards as I have noticed a few VOB’s with errors. Even although dvd decrypter reported a successful, error free, transfer. This has only happened once but I’m just a bit cautious now. Certainly never happened with my NEC’s. Maybe speed isn’t everything.

Still having said that, I would still prefer the 1.00 fw for faster ripping. The error correction may not be great but I can always check ripped content later with clone dvd, it only takes a minute.

Also, I think the Pro version is probably the only version you can get now…
Thanks again. :bow:

You’re very welcome, :wink:

Go to Model Comparison and compare with a 1648 / AAP.

Strangely enough the “Pro” model has fewer features. The distribution area is different for the two models, so maybe the “Pro” is the only model available in your location.

Yeah sorry, I should have said, “Pro is the only version I can get now.”
I’m in the UK and I expect suppliers here get them from Germany.
So returning the drive for an AAP (non-Pro) is probably not an option.

Not that I think this is an AAP / AAP Pro issue.

It’s more a firmware, old 1.00 / new 1.01, issue.

It’s so annoying that 1.00 isn’t available ANYWHERE.
What’s deal with that.
Whatever happened to good old fashioned choice ?

I might need to email someone at Aopen and let them know why I’m called hellbitch… :wink: :iagree:

I have had an AAP drive until I misflashed it. But I was not very pleased with its error correction: Discs which could be read on other drives (Toshiba) caused unrecoverable read errors after about 3.8 GB in the AAP. Other users, for example PDU, confirmed this problem with other discs.

So I ordered the AAP Pro - and I hope that its error correction is better. I’ll keep you informed in the AOpen thread.

Write to their support team in Germany and request firmware 1.00.

They are very friendly and helpful.


They are indeed very friendly and helpful.
I mailed them at 12.42pm, don’t worry, I was nice to them…
And received a reply, with firmware 1.00 attached, at 1.02pm. So I’m very happy.

Thanks for the email addy, easy-going-man !

Could you please send the firmware to me too??
I have the same problem.
Thanx in Advance


I’ve read in the Aopen thread that the reason the 1.01 is slower is because it the 1.00 does not do proper EC. So beware if you downgrade/don’t upgrade.

Has anyone else compared the Pro vs nonPro? Also easygoing what firmwares did you use to compare the 2 drives?