[moved] Experiences with RiDATA 16x -R media on the 3540A?

has anyone used the ridata 16X dvd-r silver matte disc in their 3540A?
I wouldlike to get some but want to make sure they will burn and are decent quality. I looked all over this forum but didnt see anything.

You mean this junk?

In the future, a more descriptive thread title would be nice. I’ve changed this thread’s title.

I believe and I might be wrong but I think that Ridata is the same company as Ritek. I know it depends on the firmware you use but I had heard so amny bad things about Ridata and Ritek (G-05) especially, I would stay away, trhe price difference is not that great. Stick with Verbs and Tys, again just my opinion.

Yea it is the same ( ritek-ridata ) and the price is not too much different then some of the others. My TDK INDI seemed to like the GO-4s so i though I would look in to the 5’s.I knew I red something on the forums about the ritek’s but looked and looked and couldent find it :frowning: Sorry about the post being vague too.

Their G04s were acceptable. IMHO, the -R media that they’ve made after the G04 are far too variable in quality and are usually not very reliable.

And since this thread has so far been mostly general Ritek talk, I’m moving this to the media forum.

That is exactly what I have found. I think their QC has gone down the tubes. The Maxell 8x- Ritek G-05 were terrible with my L.G. and both of my Nec drives.

I agree that if you live in the US, that there is no reason to use something like Ritek anymore. The price difference has narrowed so much that it isn’t worth it. If the NEC doesn’t already support writing the 8x TY discs at 16x, it will soon (it’s recent predecessors have). EDIT Just checked and the unbranded 8x TY DVD-R and +R discs are just a little bit cheaper than the Ritek 16x discs. Check out www.rima.com for great deals on unbranded TY. The shipping is cheaper than most sites as well.

I couldn’t agree more. What Jesterrance said is what I mean’t to say but he said it better.