[moved] DvD rw lite-on 1693S broken on arrival?!

Received said drive today, on installation as a master drive on its own IDE channel, it does not detect a dvd, music cd or region free dvd. The explorer box just comes up blank every time. There is no autoplay obviously because it does not see any disc.

The drive registers as being there, there was no problems on “install”. Obviously it doesn’t work as a slave to on primary IDE with hard drive, with my lg 4163b as a master on other IDE channel. The lg works fine as a master on its own IDE channel.

Nero info tool detects the lite-on giving all the info about it apart from a serial number. Upgraded to official KS04 fimware [says to only do it if encounter problems on website], so I can’t see that voiding the warranty; all completed and verified first time…still doesn’t work.

Have I missed some thing basic here. I’m running win XP pro sp 2. Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo. (Also just installed a SATA hard drive without problems, but I cant see how that could effect a dvd rom on an IDE channel at all)

Jumpers are set correctly?

Sounds like you got a dead-on-arrival unit.


yeah check the jumper settings cos liteon ships their drives as SLAVE and not Master. Or are you using 3rd party IDE drivers? Uninstall it and use Microsoft’s default drivers…


:iagree: yeh the jumper has been set properly. And im too newbie to play with things like IDE drivers, my moto “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”. Unfortunately this one seems pretty broke :frowning: . Maybe I should shake it to see if anythings loose :wink: . sigh RMA requested :Z .

geee that really sucks… you should just contact your seller if its really dead on arrival. liteon rma can be very very long…

Hmmm, reading all the terms and conditions garb, the retailer looks like they prefer to pass the buck themselves, im sure they’ll be fine over it though; one of the biggest online resellers in the uk. Any how, looks like these k-probe tests are gonna have to wait…

Try the drive in another computer before RMA… :stuck_out_tongue:

Been there, done that. It did spin up, infact we thought it was gonna take off and fly out the window; but still nought. Forms filled, it’s going back friday :bigsmile: