[moved] DVD-RAM writing speed of GMA-4080N



I was not able to find out how fast this notebook-drive can write DVDRAMs although I googled quite some time. If anyone knows, please tell me.


Can’t be true that no one knows!


It’s an LG notebook DVD burner. Maybe it’s sold in Japan.

GWA-4040N can’t write to DVD-RAM.


It’s a 4080N, installed in my new notebook. It writes DVD-RAM, but I have only tried with 1x media. I don’t want to spend extra money for faster -RAM media just to discover that it only can write them at 1x.By the way it is extremely difficult in Austria to get some -RAM discs at all!

I was just curious, if it can write faster. It is of no essential importance to me.


In that case, I would buy at least one 3x DVD-RAM media to try. :slight_smile:


It reads them at 3x. But writing in CDSpeed was done at 1.4x. When copying Norton SysDoc shows a speed of about 2 MB/s. Very strange! :confused:


DVD-RAM verifies what’s written to check data integrity, so the speed is essentially halved. 3x becomes 1.5x. Normal. But highly misleading when most expect ‘real’ 3x writing. (or 5x writing, as the case may be)


Ahh! Okay, that sounds plausible!


Then GMA-4080N also supports 3x DVD-RAM for both writing and reading. I’d like to see an LG notebook DVD burner that supports 12x SL media writing, 5x DVD-RAM writing, and 8x DVD+R DL writing. I haven’t seen a slim-type DVD writer that supports writing above 8x.


Just keep burning what you’ve got now…it will come! :slight_smile:


I think that won’t happen too soon. There is no space in Slim Drives to install any stronger spindlemotor that would be required to turn the disc faster. Mind the space between the walls and the disc is very small causing increased drag. Drag goes with the square of speed. So doubling the rotational speed would mean to have 4 times as much drag that slows down the disc.


Can anyone post GMA-4080N’s write curve images from CD-DVD Speed writing at 8x? Whether it’s CAV or Zone CLV for 12x writing, the rotational speeds shouldn’t be too high at 12x because the 12x zone is just for the outer parts. GSA-4163B rotates noticeably faster when using 16x P-CAV method than typical 8x DVD writers.


I will post it as soon as i burn one more DVD. It burns Z-CLV in following steps: 2,4x, 4x, 6x, 8x. 8x is reached just at the very end of the DVD. I don’t remember exactly but I think burning time @8x was just under 13 minutes.


Then it must be rotating very slowly compared to desktop DVD writers writing at 8x. Though it’s quite unfair to compare a notebook DVD burner with the fastest DVD burner (for consumers) in the world, GSA-4163B starts 8x burning at a very early stage. Quite noisy as well. :slight_smile:


This was a 4.08 Gb RicohJpn R02 burned with Alc 120 @ 8x.

The PI scan is also a R02 burned with same burner one month ago.


Thanks! The drive seems to have a very low RPM. :slight_smile:


I am quite impressed with its writing quality. But being only one minute faster than any normal internal 4x drive this 8x speed is quite useless.