[moved]DVD+R or DVD-R Taiyo Yuden

Hi Guys,

I am choosing between DVD+R 8X media code YUDEN000T02
and DVD-R 8X media code TYG02.

They will be use only for burning Movies.

The DVD’s have a blanco label, is that a prob?

Regards Jordi

Edit: My brander is an NEC ND-2500A

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both should be excellent. However, which one depends in part on your drive’s specs or your burning program’s abilities. If you have bitsetting capability to change the DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM (so the burned DVD will be recognized as a regular ROM movie in your standalone DVD player), get the +R; if you don’t have bitsetting available, get the DVD-R (tyg02)–provided your player also has no trouble with accepting -R media (most don’t, unless they are old models).

I have a NEC ND-2500A but i am prepared to buy another brander if there is an better one for the TY’s

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