[moved] DVD-R DL Media - is there any


I have recently flashed my LDW851SX to be DL and I am now looking for media for it. Is there any -R DL media available? I have searched the net and all I can find is +R media. I will give it a try with this type of media if I have to, but my Home Cinema DVD player has problems with +R media, and I found -R to be more reliable so it would be my preference.

If anyone knows where to get this media from it would be great to hear where from. I am from the UK so anywhere over here would be best but willing to try anywhere if needs must.


Does your player have a problem with straight +R or +R that has been booktyped to DVD-ROM? as far as im aware the 851s with any FW is not capable of writing to -R DL only +R DL but dont quote me on that, btw my very old generation PS2 plays booktyped +R but wont play most -R even good quality stuff so theres hope for your home cinema dvd palyer yet as your can booktype +R DL to DVD-ROM

No publicly available drive/firmware of any brand can burn -R DL at the moment. -R DL media does not publicly exist. And as far as I’m concerned, -R DL is nothing more than a vaporware at the moment.

Use +R DL if you want to burn DL. There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever to using -R DL. It will be less compatible (as compat. is based on time-on-market), less readily-available (and thus probably more expensive when it comes out), and none of the first-generation DL writers will support it. There simply is no reason for anyone to use -R DL except to pay homage to the lame duck -R camp.

Yea, I’m a bit biased against -R, but the way I see it, they’ve long ago dropped the ball. While +R offered technical superiority when they created the mess of a competing format for single-layer recordables, -R is offering absolutely nothing by offering a competing format for double-layer, so why on earth they are wasting people’s times and messing things up with a new format is beyond me, and I see it as a stupid, self-serving, and anti-consumer move on the part of the DVD Forum.

Right excellent least I know I am not going mad now :slight_smile:

I guess +R DL it is then.


When I said my Home Cinema DVD player wouldnt’ work with +R that wasn’t quite true, it did work however they were always bad burns, you could watch most of the movie but at some point it would become unwatchable withh jumps and skips and stutters. When checking the quality of the burn there were spikes everywhere… My friend was copying fine but using -R so I tried them and if got some cheap datasafe red -R’s they were crap and unusable. I eventually got Ritek G04 discs and they worked fine, never had any problems so I stuck with them. I must try Ritek +R discs and see if they are any better. Any recommendations?

My Home Cinema is a Technics DV280 if that makes any difference.


As mentioned above there is no -R D/L media ATM. However the NEC 3520A and the upcoming Pioneer 109/A09 will support writing to this media. Verbatim is currently finalizing their specs on the media itself and it should be ready to ship in late February/Early March. @code65536, while I agree that compatibility issues are pretty much a moot point now that +R has the booktype/adjustment option, there are still places where -R definitely has an edge. Namely videogame console backups. As with movies, +R game backups can have their compatibility helped by adjusting the booktype/bitsetting. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in all cases. So you are actually better of using a quality -R disc for videogame console backups. Not trying to turn this into a pissing match, I was just pointing out that DVD-R does still have an edge for certain applications. :wink: