[moved]DVD good for audio?

I’m in the process of backing up all my WMA’s and MP3’s. Is it possible to back it up on a regular DVD instead of a CD? Pro’s and Con’s please.

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You can store any type of files on a DVD. Be aware that keeping them all in one place is a little risky. I’d personally use high quality CDs for archiving purposes. That way if one disc ever bites the dust you don’t lose your entire collection.


Actually price wise I would recommend DVD definately. However, I always recommend using top quality media for archival purposes. It would be less costly for you to use 1 DVD, which holds the equivalent of around 7 CDs. You could even make a backup of your data DVD. For archival purposes I’d stick to Taiyo Yuden (genuine of course) :slight_smile:
Avoid storing your discs in direct sun light, keep them in jewel cases or dvd cases and store them in dry locations… Severe temperature changes, hot humid locations is not recommended but with top quality media the process of deterioration should be longer.

If you insist on using CDs, then I would recommend the Maxell CD-R Pro, they are very resistent and long life - they are also genuine TY CD-R…

you could convert your audio cds to .ape files which are lossless that normmaly gets most albums below 500mb sometime down as much as 300mb.
then i would burn them on TY media you probably would get about 12 abulms on one dingle layer dvd.

Are you backing uo Audio CDs or existing MP3s/WMAs on your PC?

If you’re backing up Audio CDs, similar to what Chilledoutuk says, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Rip your cds using EAC (secure mode)
  2. Encode to a losless format. I highly recommend FLAC.
  3. Backup to Single Layer DVDs. Dual layer DVDs are still not good for archival purposes.

If you’re backing up MP3s/WMAs simple back them up to single layer DVDs.

Use TY/Maxell/Verbs only.

Save your time and burn to two separate stacks of DVDs. Keep them in separate locations. One of my stacks is TY, the other is whatever I have an abundance of at the moment. If both stacks and my hard drives fail, I’ll gladly rerip my CD collection 'cause that would be a sign. :wink:


How do you figure DL DVD media is any worse than SL for archiving? Verbatim DL media is the most well supported on burners and burns quite well.