[moved] Disc longevity

Thought this was interesting. I was concerned about some discs I burnt about 6 months ago now that were on really cheap media but they were done with NEC ND2500A when that drive was still alive and kicking. This shows how much I miss the drive - media is holding up for the age considering how cheap these were at the time. :wink:

That’s a pretty nice scan for off-brand-cheap media. What speed did you burn that at and do you know if the 3500 is as capable at burning it? Also, where did you purchase it - perhaps the Supermediastore or Compusa?

It was Supermediastore media 4x DVD-R. It burned fine in the NEC ND2500A at 4x - was not capable of burning it at any higher speeds even with hacked firmware. I wouldn’t recommend this media for the 3500AG - At around the 3.5 gigabyte mark the PI Errors go through the roof (200+ easily). I had to give the last 25-30 of them to my dad since he still has his NEC ND2500A working.