[moved] Different result of scan in different software

I’ve scanned one dvd disc with 3 different programs (Kprobe, Nero CDSpeed, DVD Info Pro) and all 3 showed different result.
The worse was Kprobe with PIE of average about 1000 and PIF about 130
The best results showed DVDInfo Pro with PIE avg. 100 and PIF 2

Is this normal situation, disc has a very good transfer-test rate, doesn’t have any errors but the scans worries me.

the disc was Vobis brand with POMSC001002 Media ID.

i’ve run a test on crappy Bulqpaq -R x8, Kprobe was avg PIE around 1200, PIF above 200 but DVDInfo Pro showed none! PIE errors and avg. 2 with 40 max pikes in PIF chart.
Go figure!

Is Krobe crap or DVD Info Pro?
My recored is NEC3500AG with bios V3B3R3 and scanning made with Liteon 411S bios HSOK

dvdinfopro is crap, use kprobe or cd/dvd speed.

almost everything I write on my 3500a looks bad when I quality scan it in my Liteon 811s
almost everything I write on my 2500a looks good when I quality scan it on my Liteon 811s
almost everything I write on my BenQ looks like a fail, when I quality scan it on my Liteon 811s

they nearly all give perfect speed scan results when read at 6x - 14x on my lieon 167
I’m gonna give up quality scans as the results seem pointless, and just write all my media at the fastest speed I can and still get straight lines in the speed scan.

You are starting to see how pointless all of this so called quality scanning really is. The best test’s are a transfer rate and how it plays or reads back on another device, ie dvd-rom drive or player. Quality scans only indicate how well a particular drive reads the disc being checked. A really bad burn can be confirmed but you can also see that with a tramsfer speed graph. That being said I do use quality scans but just to see how brand X looks in the burner I’m using and I usually only check one disc in the package. If it looks bad I just don’t get that media anymore. If the disc works in the intended device then it was a good burn.

Basically, scanning is relative, since the drive is not calibrated for the purpose.

Also, between different programs, make sure that scan at the same speed, as scanning at maximum CAV speed usually makes the fast end look worse.

If Kprobe and CDspeed correlate well, and DVDInfopro doesn’t, then I’d say you throw out DVDInfopro

Well, does anyone know which scan program is the most accurate? I prefer cd speed but is it the most accurate? It’s realy bad scans usually correlate with very poor reads. Oh, and guys, gals…try to stay on track. :slight_smile: