(moved) Creating vcd with jpg files

Is there a way to create a video cd that has only
jpg pictures?I know that it’s possible to have one
picture as a background for the videocd,but i want
to create something like a slide-show that can be
viewed on stand-alone dvd players.


in paintshop pro 7, there is a animation prog, where you can make gif files from several pictures together, you can chose in wich format you want to save, it, also avi

So if you combine all your pictures together and save it then to avi and then burn it to a vcd, it should be possible (in theory)

Well, I know that i can create avi files, but I prefer
to create mpg files, since making an vcd from an avi
file, resutls in a low-resolution image.
Is there a way to create mpg files from jpg images?

you can always convert the avi into a mpeg file

Nooo :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a lot of tools specifically made for that. Check Memories On Tv , or PhotoDVD (by Honestech) or even Photo2DVD Studio.

All of them are pretty good :slight_smile:

look at the date dude