[moved] CMC MAGE01 any good?

I recently bought a 50 spindle of what were marked as TDK +R.
Using DVDinfo it says they are CMC MAGE01.
I have a Lite on 832s and this is the resulting burn.
I was a bit worried about the media but it appears to burn ok.

That’s a very nice burn :). I find myself saying again, what I said to you roughly 4 months ago “You have a good drive and good media” ;).

:slight_smile: you remember

Sorry for posting in the wrong forum btw.

Yea i am happy with that burn.

lol - same cannot be said about my drive performance … :frowning:

With CMC MAGE01 8X Discs I use Yuden000/t02 Strat and get perfect 8X burns on my 1633S@1653CS09 .

I think “perfect” is perhaps a little overstated ;). The PIFs are well out of spec near the end of the disc.

Orazel’s scan:

You are right King, Its not perfect. That was one of my first 8x burns on CMC MAGE01 that wasnt a coaster, so you can see my excitement. I do have better scans to show, seems that after a few more burns the drive is actually getting better on the new strat. I will try to upload the scans from the office tomorrow. :wink:

go back to BS41 !!! dats my experience - the learning keeps crapping the burns out … always drifts worse and some stock strategies are WRONG - way out! … BS41 is more stable for 1633s