[moved] CD-RW drive writes on CD-RW but fails to write on CD-R

I have a Lite-On CD-RW (model LTR-48246S) drive that can write to CD-RW discs but cannot write to CD-R discs. Anyone has any idea why? The thing can write to both previously but kept on failing on CD-Rs recently. CD-RWs no problems, used slow speed (8x instead of the max. 48x,) system is WinXP SP2, standard burning software from Roxio, on Pentium III 1.1 GHz, 40 GB HDD on IDE1 (master), CDRWD on IDE2 (master), CDRWD firmware is RS48SSOE (2003.) Min.req. fulfilled.

Any suggestion (other than bringing the drive to vendor, 'cos guarantee expired already)?

  • Try writing to the CD-R at a slower speed; 40x or 32x or even slower if that helps.
  • The drive may be getting old. Maybe a lens cleaner to wipe away accumulated dust might help. Or it might not. It could be that age is slowly killing it and that there’s nothing that you can do.

I had same problem with my LiteOn LTR-40125S after using it for 2+ years. It kept on killing CD-R’s regardless of speed, media but used to burn CD-RWs without problem.

I had to ditch the drive as solution :frowning:

These older drives don’t recognize the newer CDR’s. Are you using the latest firmware? If that doesn’t work consider flashing the drive with the 52246S firmware, as I believe it is newer. After all, the warranty is over, and you have little to lose. Just be aware there is a chance you will kill the drive completely.