[moved] bought this memory from frys - ad said dual channel but memory makes no menti



i bought this pdp - patriot memory - http://shop2.outpost.com/product/4314825?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
it said in ad it is dual channel but on memory stick it does not say this? is this dual channel memory?
my memory sticks have psd512400k written on them. with CL3.

how is geil memory? this one - Geil 512MB PC3200 400MHz 2-32x64 Value Series Dual Channel DDR Memory 184Pin - Model #GE5123200BDC - Lifetime Warranty
its 70 dollars.
is geil good brand?

i should have posted it in hardware forum but seldom does anyone reply there.


wrong forum… :cool: because no one posted a response in the related forum doesn’t help you much here… It’s kinda like I requested a quote from GM on a Camaro and they didn’t respond, so I ask Ford for the Camaro quote!
Otherwise, good luck with memory. What you’re looking at is basic “yamaguchi whatever”, may work fine in your system, may not! As far a Geil is concerned, it’s probably OK, doubt that you’re working it that hard…


If there are 2 sticks of memory, it means that they are exactly the same specs and if u have a dual channel memory board (like an asus a7n8x-deluxe motherboard), the memory will run in dual channel mode via the motherboard, the memory itself is never dual channel, only the way it is accessed by the motherboard is. In simple terms it is only the motherboard that is dual channel, the memory is just rated for dual channel use on a compatible mobo.

any geil memory is good memory

p.s. next time try to post some basic specs of ur pc, it helps in answering a question most of the time. You can just use it as your signature like most people do.


its a dell pentium 4 - 2.66mhz. the bios says i have pc 2700, 333MHZ , dual channel memory.
when i call dell with my computer service tag number - they says its pc 3200 400MHZ. they cant tell if its dual channel.
the dell manual says its either pc 2700 333mhz or pc 3200 400 mhz dual channel.
my god!!!
specs -
Board: Dell Computer Corp. 02Y832
Bus Clock: 533 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A03 07/21/2003

doesn’t bus clock of 533mhz mean I have a pc2700 333mhz memory.?

suppose i buy the dual channel GEIL memory will that work if its ONLY my motherboard that is dual channel?


Well just slap it into your empty 2 slots (hopefully you have 2 empty slots) on your mobo and run a test called memtest86 and see if you get any errors. If you’re not overclcoking your CPU then just slap them in there and run the test and if you get no errors you’re fine.


There is no such thing (in current implementation) as “dual channel RAM”.

What you are buying, if you get a “dual channel” kit, is a “matched pair”, that need to be installed into a dual channel motherboard acccording to dual channel configuration rules - in the appropriate slot pair, which would typically be one slot of each colour, and with no other RAM.

The “matched pair” do not need to be precisely matched, but using the same brand/type is usually a good idea - but if you pay any more for “dual channel RAM” than for two of the same memory modules as “2 pieces”, then you are being ROBBED!

In actual fact, if the “512Mb dual” is a fancy name for a pair of 256’s - and it’s priced similar to a single 512, it probably is overpriced.

PC3200 should work down to PC2700 or lower speeds