(moved) Bought some AVB DVD+R from Newegg

Boy am I disappointed.

I bought a spindle of 100 along with my new 3520. This stuff is junk. Most (all?) of the discs are scuffed around the outer edge, which gives very poor results in the last .5 GB or so. Not that it really matters. Even the parts that aren’t physically damaged don’t seem to burn very well.

If anyone cares, this garbage is id coded AML 001. It’s rated for 4x speed. I paid about 35 cents a disc. For not much more, I could have bought some decent stuff. I know some people have had OK results from AML, but not me. Transfer rate graphs look awful, especially at the tail end of the disc. I wish I could PI/PO scan them, but maybe I should be thankful I can’t.

I picked up a spindle of Hewlett Packard 8x DVD+R from Staples this week. It was on sale for $18 per 50. The id code says CMC E01. Now, I’ve always been told that CMC stands for Cheaply Made Crap, but these blanks are worlds better than the AVB discs. Transfer graphs look good, and they actually play in my standalone.

Sorry for the whining, but I had to let this out. Has anyone had good success with AML media on the 3520? If you ask me, I wouldn’t recommend it. :frowning:

You bought some crap media that’s for sure.That AML…001 along with that VANGUARD media is pure garbage.Check on the link below for what kinda results other people are gettin’ with that stuff.

AML…001 Reviews