(Moved)“To Label or Not to Label”

I have a quick survey question. I’ve burned hundreds of disks over the last 2 years with very few instant “coasters” after I switched to Riteks & RICOHJPNR01 for my +r’s. Some I’ve labeled, some “sharpied” . I just wondered what your experiences are.

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Never put a paper label on a DVD.

No Labels…

if you need more proof that labels are bad then read this thread

Public libraries put barcode label on the DVD
It seems to be OK

I’ve had, personallly, very bad experiences with labels on CDs. They looked quite nice and professional but suddenly some disks stopped working properly. After removing the lable (a pain in the posterior) all was well again.

After these bad experiences, there’s no way I will apply anything like that on my DVDs.

Maybe some pressed DVDs will work well. Even some home burned ones. But it’s a risk I don’t want to take.

Sharpie or ink jet printable DVD’s

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Thank You.


My Library does this to prevent theft. They also implant two sensor strips, even thought they are offset by 180 degrees, it could make the DVD unbalanced. I wonder how long it’s going to take the labels to give trouble? Last Summer I overheard a patron complain that one of these labels came off in their home DVD player.

Yup, labels all-in-all are bad news. I concur that you either go Sharpie or Inkjet printable. As for libraries using them? Well, so did blockbuster and virtually every other video store but they have since started using. . . A SHARPIE MARKER!!! Why, because of the same reasons listed above. A library is not as likely to have switched due to budget restrictions. The point is that it is an old system and it is avoided as much as possible now.

sticking a label on a printed disk has lees of an impact than putting a label on a burnt disk.(burnt disks are much harder to read under the best of conditions)