[moved] 80pin IDE cable for ultradma 4



Hi, my current ide cable seems to be giving me ultradma 2 only…
My drive is the liteon 1693s, it’s working great at 8x and 4x speeds and I don’t have 16x media (only 8x and 4x).
But I noticed the ultradma to be only 2. I have the writer as master and a liteon dvdrom as slave, on the secondary ide.

I think, like posts here say, I will need to change the ide cable to an 80pin one.

I looked online and found some descriptions of ide cables for sale on some shops.
I quote one shop ‘90cm IDE ATA133 Rounded Cable’ (sounds very generic and it’s very cheap). Is that suitable?

Another shop has some belkin cables. What about this Belkin Ultra ATA Hard Drive Round Cable single/dual drive Black 24 inches (it’s more expensive than the generic one) :

I found another cable on another shop, cheaper than the belkin one, yet this one is copper braided against EMI and supports ATA 133 too. Is this ok too?


Any suggestion on which one to go for?

I believe I do have a cable with blue connectors similar to the ones in the last link, it’s the right one I suppose as it came with my asus a8w motherboard… It’s the one I need so I’ll probably try that when I have some time…


The last link points to the one I have!!! I have absolutly no problem with it!!!
Some people say you shoudn’t use rounded cables with you drives…


The asus cable I have isn’t a rounded one, so probably it will do! Thanks for the info… I like this place because you learn a lot.


Most drives do not operate at anything above UDMA 2. Pioneer 109 and I think Plextor is the exception. It is possible that the 1693 is also an exception but you should do some posting and ask a question in the Liteon forum before you spend any money. I believe your drive is performing exactly as it should.


My 1633 did not operate on a 40 conductor cable. It presented a “communication failure” in Nero. Changing the cable to a 80 conductor solved the problem. The drive is as master connected to the top connector, I thought it was the black one, and my cd-rom connected as slave on the grey (middle) connector. It’s a normal grey flat cable and it’s functions without problems for almost 6 months now.

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If you change from a ribbon to a round cable 40pin 80 conductor you will improve your air flow and keep your drive alot cooler. As for improving your DMA setting you can only do this if the drive will support it. The new NEC 3540 supports UDMA 33, but again you need to have an ultra DMA hard drive and controller. The tranfer rate can only be improved if all things are equal.


@ alan1476

You’re may be right about a round cable permitting a better cooling, but the cable I mentioned was given to me for free by my computer supplier, even if he did not supplied the drive. It still works perfect, as I suspect a round one would do too. As for UDMA, my LiteOn SOHW-1633S supports UDMA4, (ATA66) as all newer LiteOns do. But you are right, you only achieve UDMA4 as all parts are supporting it, mobo and bios, connectors, cable, drive and firmware.

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Thanks for the new info. I was aware that they supported UDMA4 but this is the first I have read from a user that 80 wire cables were needed to actually operate the drive.