[moved] 16x Sony DVD Rw Dw-D22A ---- illegal disc?

yesterday i brought 50 packs of 16x Memorex dvd-r, when i use it to burn a data dvd, it said, “Illegal Disc” and can’t be write disc at once… does any one know the problem… thanks for the help… the firmware revision is Bys2 ( i tried with Nero, Riox, DVD decrypter) all said illegal disc

could be your problem is your memorex discs - they dont have a great reputation. Do a search on the forums to see what I mean!! Try a different type of disc to rule out any other problems.

BYS2? I wonder how old that is; early versions of these firmwares had issues…

1/ Please make a backup of your firmware. See LtnFW in the tools collection sticky in the LiteOn/Sony forum (BTW, I’m going to move this thread to that forum ;)) Please e-mail me a copy of your BYS2 firmware. :slight_smile:

2/ You might have some better luck with either the latest BYX4 firmware for the Sony DRU-710A. Since you have a D22A, you can download the stock BYX4 from here and just flash it without taking any special/additional steps.

how i copy the firmware to u, it installed by itself when i install window xp

thanks for the help code65536, after i install the BYX4 firmware for the Sony DRU-710A, now i can burn it with 8x… Thanks

If you already flashed BYX4, then it’s too late to make a backup copy. :frowning: As I said in my earlier post, you can use LtnFW to make a backup copy of your BYS2.