[moved] 1633s died after ASPI installation

I just installed Windows 2000 in my computer and I burned a few things with
my 1633s and they came out great and I was happy. Then I went to burn some
music with my other drives and I had a few problems so I installed an ASPI layer
thinking that it would help, Wrong solution. Right after I did this my 1633s
started flashing the green light constantly and it would not recognize any media
in the drive. I tried flashing the firmware in the 1633s but the light just won’t
stop flashing. Any Help would be appreciatted. I did remove the aspi layer but
it did not help.
Thanks, Budzos

ASPI isn’t supposed to do that (and shoudn’t even have the ability to do that). Did you do something in addition to installing ASPI?

Anyway, see this entry in the LiteOn FAQ > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=109986#ts-blink

He probably did something. He rebooted, which resets the drive. Nice FAQ :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that I did nothing out of the ordinary when I installed the ASPI layer but anything can happen. It was a fresh installation of Windows 2000 but
maybe something could of been out of line there as well. I am just hoping that
my burner didn’t just pick that time to die and maybe I can bring it back to life.
Thanks for the reply’s Budzos

it could have just died, my 411s just died one me after i had reformatted and i thinkin that was the problem, but it wasnt, it just died

budzos drive is not dead. It probably just has a checksum problem which can be fixed as described in the faq with the eeprom tool.

I loaded the eeprom that I had backed up before I converted the drive to a Liteon from a Digitalmax and all is well. I still am not sure what happened but I
am glad that I backed everything up. Thaanks to all that responded, Budzos