Move2play and StarForce3

Hello to all

Can you help me for Move2play? This game have a StarForce3 protection inside and it’s very difficult to find a cure.

I have written in this forum because i have read in another forum there are people very well prepared, thank you in advance and i hope in a lucky response.

Thank u

What exactly are you attempting to do? Make a backup? Get the original to run?

AFAIK, there is no way to currently make a working backup of a starforce3 protected game. Warez groups have created working backups by modifying tons of files on the CD, and some early emulators have been written, but there’s no legitimate way to beat the protection right now.
Check out the copy protection forum for more info.

Thank you for the reply
I search a emulator or a Crack for this game, because my original backup with Alchol120% doesn`t work :frowning:
It’s very difficult to find a crack for this game !! two hiphotisis

  1. This game it’s very bad and don’t move the curiosity of the warez scene,or…
  2. A very hard to beat the protection

I hope again…


cracks are illegal so don’t talk about them on the forum