Move XP to HDD on ATA133 PCI Card

  1. Can I move XP / SP2 from C:\ Drive to a HDD attached to an ATA 133 PCI Card - w/o reinstalling XP?

I realize I can run the PC off the ATA 133 card. Transferring XP w/SP2 to a HDD attached to an ATA 133 PCI card, and having the OS and installed pgms point correctly re: registry, would speed up the PC and save hours of reinstalling everything. Is this possible? How can I do this?

  1. What partition software do you recommend?

Can XP add a new partition during install (to a drive w/ data + free space) - w/o formatting the drive?

Noticed: when I tried to install XP earlier today on the HDD attached to the ATA 133 PCI card (changing BIOS boot to Ultra DO, feeding FDD 6 XP install floopies, choosing “leave file system as is” - no format) - XP was installed as an additional windows folder on that drive w/o erasing or writing over and existing data. I’d like to create a new 20 GB partition on this HDD (for XP/SP2) as on the C:\ HDD.

Present MB: Intel 820 MB = ATA66 // DMA Mode = 4
ATA 133 PCI Card: ATA 133 / DMA Mode = 6
Dell XPS B1000R 1GHz PIII CPU w/512 Rambus Ram + XP w/SP2 + 4 Internal EIDE ATA133 / 7200 RPM HDD
Will be building / upgrading to new PC later this year!!!

  1. Yes, it should be fine, given that your motherboard is able to boot to a card, and that the card is bootable and is not a RAID card. You will probably need to adjust the motherboard boot priority once the card is installed and drive connected. In some cases it’s as simple as moving the drive and booting up. The card should be installed and recognized by XP before making the move.

If you wish to move the OS from one drive to a different drive, the same ideas apply, and you’ll need something to do the cloning. The drive maker may offer a tool for free. More sophisticated tools like Partition Magic are able to copy and re-size in one operation, or make a simply copy without re-sizing.

In some cases it’s as simple as moving the drive and booting up.

Hi. Thanks CDan for your input. Tried removing all drives, then attaching the C:\ drive (with the XP/SP2) to the ATA PCI 133 card. Adjusted motherboard boot priority to recognize booting off the PCI card. In the past, I did try installing XP on a HDD off the ATA 133 card after making a fresh XP install. It ran ok.

BSOD: “A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.”

Goal: Again run XP from a HDD attached to the ATA 133 card w/o fresh XP install.

Background: Every year, I find I need to reinstall XP. Last time, I put it back on the C:\ drive - after partitioning that drive. C:\ drive has two partitions: XP on the small (20GB) partition , and data on a larger 100 GB partition. Boot files are on the large partition: boot.ini / cmldr / ntldr / NTDETECT.COM / AUTOEXEC.BAT / CONFIG.SYS / IO.SYS / MSDOS.SYS.

Hi,[QUOTE=Liquidfusion;1977055]1. Can I move XP / SP2 from C:\ Drive to a HDD attached to an ATA 133 PCI Card - w/o reinstalling XP? [/quote]should work. I did this with my W2k system.
First step is to install the card and the drivers for the controller.
Next step is to switch the disks from the previous controller to the add-in card.


Will try installing Promise drivers, then switching disk to add in card again. When installing XP, Windows says it’s drivers are better. When I put the C:\ drive on the PCI Card, the Promise recognizes the drive, however, I get the BSOD frm MSFT. Is this a Security issue? Is this MSFT preventing my changing the system too much re: proof of rightful owner for license validation? I wonder.

W2k is not as much a rightful license validation system like XP/SP2.

Ok. Changed IDE cables. Repositioned drives. Had drives on floor of open case / outside case - all on bubble wrap w/ fan set on them (keeps drive temp low @ 30 + Cent). Ran Powermax 4.23. Maxtor drives . All ok. One drive needs help. Will chkdsk /r that drive.

  1. Booting normally, I get a black screen w/ NO BOOT DRIVE FOUND.

  2. Boot up works (same HDD / now on ATA PCI 133 card) - only when using a XP Boot Floppy Disk.

Q: How do I boot w/o XP floppy boot disk?

Getting near!!!

not sure if this would work, but can you not use acronis true image, clone the drive, remove that drive, fit new drive, boot from acronis rescue cd and load the image?

Right now I’d like to use this same drive - but boot from the ATA 133 PCI Card (DMA6) vs MD (DMA4).

Reading how to fix boot.ini and other good stuff.

Invalid Boot.ini or Windows could not start error messages when you start your computer;en-us;330184

Repair XP

XP Won’t Boot’t-boot.htm

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS=“Change the World” /fastdetect

Do I need to change multi to scci? If I do, will the Floppy XP Disk let me into Xp if that’s not the right way to go?

Right now - I can get into XP and run all 4 drives off the Maxtor ATA 133 PCI card using the Floppy XP Boot Disk. Copied it to the C:\ drive (attached to the PCI card / not MB) - plus all other files on the boot up floppy. Tried booting w/o the XP Floppy disk: Black screen w/ NO BOOT DRIVE FOUND.

Something still needs to be fixed in the HDD boot as it’s not being recognized as a boot device when I start XP w/o the XP Boot Floppy Disc.

Tried changing Boot.ini multi to scsi - PC didn’t boot up w/o Floppy disk

Changed larger “C” partition (100GB) (w/boot files) to “active.” Smaller “D” Partition (20GB) has XP on it.

Now when booting up I get: “Missing Operating System!!!”

The “D” drive (with XP) is marked as (“Boot”) and is now the smallest letter. Changed “C” to "K."
Pasted boot files to “D” from “C.”

Changed K drive back to C drive. Tried getting to recovery console using 6 Floppy boot disks. Message - contact MSFT.

My OS is licensed and valid. This is nuts. "Missing Operating System."
I boot fine with the floppy disk. IF I reattached the 120GB HDD with the C/D partitions back to the MB all would be fine as well - except ATA would be 66 and DMA would be 4.

There must be a way to do this w/o XP Reinstall. All files are backed up. If I have to reinstall it might actually save time considering all the trouble today. I’m holding out that someone might know what to do.

No, this wont work for a few reasons.

  1. Your IDE-controller most likely needs a driver and since this wasnt included as a “RAID-driver” when you installed Windows and therefore wont allow Windows to boot.

  2. Your disk will get another “disk number” and “partition number” so you need to change boot.ini accordingly at least.


Correct. The old XP bit the dust midnight Sunday. XP install went smooth. A+. It takes time to rebuild XP / audio / video programs. Benefit now: pgms now run on clean OS.

D:\ 20GB XP partition is now named “G,” with the C:\ still “C.”

All 4 HDD run fine of the ATA 133 PCI card DMA 6.

Think of it: this Intel 820MB / PIII CPU / Maxtor HDD have held up well since 1995. That says alot for Intel / Maxtor. I think one HDD EIDE 7200 rpm died since then - leaving 4 EIDE ATA 133 7200 rpm Maxtor HDD still running fine. BTW - I have data backedup. Ext: Maxtor 250GB One Touch / 750GB Maxtor One Touch 4 Plus. Re-install was easy w/o loss of any data due to XP located on 20 GB partition on the 120 GB C:\ Drive.

Check this out: How to set SFC / scannow to run w/o popping up to ask for XP CD.