Move some (vertically) & leave the rest - how?



Here’s the issue:

I have spent days making the dialogue for my subtitles and syncing them up in Subtitle Workshop.

Most of the subtitles display without issue but the avi has subtitles of a language other than English burned into certain sections.

I would like to take the DVD I have authored (or the .srt file I made & the original avi) and, just for those sections, move the subtitles to the top (or at least further up) of the screen.

Can this be done, selectively?

If so, how?



you do have this option: go to settings / subtitles and see the last option

“relative position of subtitle text bottom” but I think you are looking for a little more than what convertxtodvd can offer


I think you might be able to do this if you burn the converted file to your hard drive, and then use DVD Subedit to move the few subtitles you want to shift. Then save the changes out and burn the resulting files to a DVD.