Move PCI 56k card from old Dell to new Dell

Will a card from my old Dell computer fit & work in a new Dell computer? I’m talking about a a phone lan line card. I don’t think new computers have one.

For what I know there is no reason why the PCI card should not work on newest mainboards. My main concern is about operative system.

Just to say an example, I have a webcam purchased not more than 1.5 years ago. It works perfectly (actually is almost new because I very rarely used it), and at the time I bought it was the top product but now it is collecting dust because I can’t use it at all. Guess what is the cause… there is no driver for that specific webcam on Win 7. The only way I have to use that webcam is installing XP again :doh:

So, if you have the proper driver for that device, my guess is that it will work correctly also in the new system :slight_smile:

This should work fine, assuming your new Dell has a PCI slot on its motherboard. Pretty much all motherboards still do due to the wide range of PCI hardware still on the market.

As for Windows 7 support, it is quite likely that Windows will have its own driver for it. Even from my experience of reinstalling Windows Vista on a wide range of hardware and brands, I don’t recall ever having to reinstall a 56k modem driver despite most of them still with a PCI 56k modem or internal (for a laptop), so I would imagine the same for Windows 7.

It’s mainly printers and especially flatbed scanners that can be tricky finding Windows 7 drivers for.

You can often get a working driver by manually forcing windows update to run (Start>All Programs>Windows Update) and choosing the “custom option”

When the page eventually loads choose “custom” and look at the “Hardware updates” that are offered.

you will need manually check them to download and instal them.