Move jack 3 only rips first few seconds?

Hi, i’m new to movie jack and still experimenting. I wish to rip dvd’s to a file on my pc. I recocord dvd’s on my philips(under the tv) recorder using dvdrw+. But when I go to rip them using movie jack 3 it reconises the whole thing but only rips the first few seconds and says its finished. I thought maybe because the dvdrw’s are not finalized ? But it also happens to finalized dvd+. Ive got it to work on some dvd’s but not dvdrw ?

Any idea’s ?

The video you record with your DVD+VR recorder differs dramatically from standard DVD-Videos, that’s why MovieJack cannot cope with it. We’re working on a solution for that. The worst part is the quite extended management structure…
DVDs have a fairly simple structure, DVD VR formats have not.