Move agreed on legal DVD copying

I just posted the article Move agreed on legal DVD copying.

Film fans will now be able to make legal copies of
DVD’s for use on portable players according to new plans agreed by the
various US …

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Talk about SPIN! This not true I Read an article in the Journal today that basically portays this As the “Revenge of Circuit City Divx” they basically are turning dvd’s into Pay per view like that Stupid plan Microsoft’s Bill gates Hints about in the Earlier Article.

…Which means if possible they will use MS’s WMV9 Codec.Besides the hinted at technology.This is worse than CC Divx.(Correction eveidently they will be using thier own codecs)Well here’s DRM’s wet Dream Coming into fruition
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Here’s a better(but not by much the Wall Street Jounal has a Better one if you can get it.)

This shows that the movie studios may be throwing in the towel though. Before we could’t legally do squat with our purchases. I am interested in seeing what they have up their sleeves. I damn sure ain’t going to pay to watch a copy of my own movie.

Gristy! But when does Hollywood ever give in? Remember they are the ones who are trying to “Brainwash” the kid’s with their propoganda and possibly sue us all i pointed out above what they are trying to do(the BBC is a terrible source for news.Read from many sources)and they are in U.K. anyway(Yes i Know where you are) but Hollywood in which Europe Worships is U.S.A.

…If someone can get the WSJ Article and Post it. The Article basically says the are putting “Locks” similar to The “broadcast Flags” basically they want to decide when and when not you can watch your film.Man i Can’t belive after everything that goes on this site and others you still have such Nieve(Stupid) people who think the studios are in favor of any consumer rights. remember Hatch?Hollywood wants you to never own it’s films if possible they want complete control and to charge as much as possible.

Sorry not Gristy! (Mixed up again). Crabby just read it without the “Euro” implications (obviously not in Europe i keep getting you and Gristy mixed up) and i’m not impling anyone is Stupid
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Hi Jef195, No problem man! Also, we can’t be so naive as to think they are going to use CSS forever. I am just curious to see what they come up with this time. They already state in the article you mention, the willingness to allow streaming the movie or transfer to a ‘portable device’ so therefore they are giving in. How far who knows? :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I wonder if copying DVDs doesn´t make us all terrorists??? :d