I’m evaluating WinX HD Video Converter to convert MOV files (from iPhones) to M2TS files (generated by Panasonic video cameras and edited by HD Writer AE 3.0).

I have tried a few options but the files created by WinXD will not open in HDAE3. I have tried TS HD and MTS options in WinXD. The files created don’t have the .m2ts extension. Renaming the files to that extension did not work.

By the way, the codec info in VLC media player for valid m2ts files from my Panasonic is as follows:

H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (h264)
1920 x 1090
59.94 fps
Planar 4:2:0 YUV

A25 Audio (AC3) (a52)
48000 Hz
384 kb/s

How do I convert Quicktime MOV to the above format?


Hi myoki.

Sorry for inconvenience. I’ve reported to our support team that sent you some solutions today. Please check your email and feel free to contact us if it still don’t work. :slight_smile: