.mov to .jpeg conversion?

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I have a family member that took photos (stills) on a vacation using a basic Kodak digital camera. This camera is usually used in “auto mode” for easy picture taking.
Apparently this person turned the camera on but put it on the “video” setting rather “auto” for standard picture taking. Out of 170 or so photos there are 7 or 8 of these that are actually 5 or 6 second videos.

I wanted to know if there is a way to convert these to a photo format like the rest. Maybe by using the first frame of the video and converting to jpeg like the rest of the photos.

Hope this isn’t too odd, seems like there should be a reasonably simple way to do this. It would be nice if these photos (little videos) could be converted and printed with the rest. Thank you for any help or suggestions…

You can download those to a video editor and export a frame as .bmp or jpeg(if jpeg ca be exported).
The resolution will not be the same as still pictures, because video on still camera has lower resolution setting.

Is there a particular application or program that you would recommend?

I googled free “Video Editor” and just picked one called Wondershare Video Converter. Took longer to read about what I needed to know about it than time to do the conversion.
It had an option to do a snapshot, which is effectively selecting a frame I would suppose, and saving that image without sound plus converting from a .mov (Quicktime type file) to a (.jpg) jpeg image file.

Just wanted to share this info in case someone else flubbed up which mode their still camera was set on and wanted to convert later…