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Hello all,
Just recently bought a JVC Everio camcorder along with it came PowerDirector and PowerProducer software.Managed to make a short home movie with sound.I then produced and burned my movie but have been unable to set the menu so it allows me watch my movie on my DVD player.Ideally I would have liked the menu to play say ten seconds then the movie thereafter.
I have given up now and would be very grateful if anyone could advise me on a good software package that will edit and burn my movie.
I’m sure it’s me that’s to fault through lack of experience but would like a little guidance.
I was all prepared to buy Adobe Premiere then read some people had problems with MOV files and Adobe.
Any help would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks in antiicipation !



Have a look at where you can find a lot of info on software and other video related subjects
Adobe Premiere is a pro oriented package
For amateurs you can look at Adobe Premiere Elements
Look also at Ulead VideoStudio Pinnacle Studio Magix also has software for editing as does Sony with Vegas
You can find freeware stuff but would probably be “slightly” less user friendly (slightly here depends on several factors and can turn into “much more” in some cases).
By the way:
MOV files are QuickTime video files format - if you use a Mac you have to consider dif packages as iMovie or Final Cut Express - but this is a dif world as it is the one of Linux.


Thanks for your reply agomes,
I will certainly look into your suggestions I’m real keen on Adobe Elements as I,ve used Photoshop for still photo’s for a while, although I.m sure they will differ greatly.
The main thing that held me back was I wasn’t sure how Adobe Elements would work with Mov files as this is a completely new field for me but fingers crossed.
Your help and time were much appreciated thankyou again.